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Manitoba MĂ©tis Federation signs on for cannabis research project

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A newly signed agreement will allow the Manitoba MĂ©tis Federation (MMF) to take a hard look at the benefits that medical marijuana could have in treating the illnesses and ailments that many MĂ©tis people currently live with, and suffer with.

“This is important, because we know that cannabis has medicinal uses and can be powerful in helping people,” MMF President David Chartrand said.

“And we know that so many of our people are suffering, and looking for ways to stop their pain and suffering.


'Private' Cannabis N.B. stores coming to province to combat black market

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Finance minister introduces legislation that would allow the agency to expand its model

New Brunswickers will soon have a wider range of outlet options for purchasing cannabis products.

Finance Minister Ernie Steeves introduced legislation Tuesday that will allow Cannabis N.B. to expand its model through private retail stores and direct-from-producer farmgate operations.

Currently, small producers sell their products through Cannabis N.B. and licensed retailers in other jurisdictions.

Steeves has proposed amending the existing Cannabis Management Corporation Act and establishing a new cannabis retailers licensing act, noting that the move will bolster Cannabis N.B. against competition from the black market.


City should consider limits on retail cannabis locations after number of Winnipeg stores spikes: report

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Number of stores more than quintupled, from 14 in October 2020 to 73 in October 2021

After a dramatic increase in the number of cannabis stores in Winnipeg over the last year, a new report asks city councillors to consider limiting where new ones can open.

Between October 2020 and Oct. 29, 2021, the number of cannabis stores in the city more than quintupled, going from around 14 to 73, according to a new report prepared for the City of Winnipeg's property and development committee.

"That's a significant jump for a city of Winnipeg's size, obviously, especially over the course of a year," Jaclynn Pehota, the executive director of the British Columbia-based Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers, said in an interview with CBC News.


Touesnard, Sutherland and Richardson: Canada's new minister of mental health and addictions can end the overdose crisis. Here's how


A legal, regulated approach would divert costs from the criminal justice system. Those savings could be used for community health and harm reduction.

It is distressing that the toxic drug poisoning deaths of more than 22,000 Canadians were not a bigger issue in the recent federal election, especially when government policy is a driving factor behind those preventable deaths. The newly created federal Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions must take steps toward securing the life, liberty and security of people who use drugs and ending the overdose crisis. The action needed from this new ministry is clear.


Cops hunt for the owner of suspicious package containing cannabis-laced sweets

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"Would be great to hear from you," the police service tweeted.

There was nothing sweet at all about cannabis-infused treats found hidden inside a hedge that could have proved dangerous if discovered by children.

A treasure trove of cannabis sweets was found in a suspicious package tucked away in the hedge on a residential street in Ivybridge by a citizen. The person then handed in the cannabis products to the Devon and Cornwall Police in the U.K.


Time to break up with your weed dealer say cops


Latest research shows high levels of dangerous chemicals and lower than advertised THC levels in illegal cannabis

OPP are urging marijuana users to stop buying illegal weed because it contains hidden dangers.

"Do you trust your dealer to tell the truth about the illegal cannabis products you are buying and consuming?" asks a news release "How do you know if what you're reading on an illegal cannabis package is accurate?"

Results from THC level testing and pesticide analysis answer these questions and should sway consumers who haven't broken ties with their weed dealer to switch to legal cannabis says the release.


Charges stayed against four Ontario men accused of using private helicopter to transfer cannabis into U.S.


Authorities allege that a Jet Ranger helicopter stuffed with cannabis was flown across the border at low altitudes to avoid radar detection on several occasions.

Charges against four men from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) accused of discreetly flying cannabis into the U.S. using a private helicopter have been dropped.

The men, ranging in age from 25 to 40, were charged with conspiracy to commit the unlawful export of cannabis, possession of cannabis for the purpose of exporting and unlawful cultivation, propagation and harvest of cannabis plants last September.


Hamilton police’s latest seizure includes $3 million in drugs, mostly cannabis


“Even though cannabis and related products are now legal, illicit grow operations remain a valid concern as they pose safety risks to the community.”

A three-month probe into drug trafficking and gun violence in Hamilton, Ontario, has led to the police seizing more than $3 million in drugs.

Cannabis accounted for the lion’s share of drugs confiscated, according to the Hamilton Police Service (HPS). Specifically, officers seized 75 kilograms of processed cannabis estimated to be worth $1 million, 2,500 marijuana plants valued at about $2 million and $20,000 in other illicit drugs.


Ontario police charge 21 people after bust uncovers $32M in illegal cannabis Social Sharing

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Health Canada-approved buds included in drugs found after 16-month investigation, police say

Ontario police have charged 21 people after seizing cannabis valued at $32 million that allegedly includes Health Canada-approved marijuana, as part of an investigation that began in June 2020.

Ontario Provincial Police worked with multiple police forces as part of Operation Gainsborough.

On Tuesday, investigators described how the accused were running websites selling cannabis from registered growers, and delivering the drugs to customers in London, Kitchener, Hamilton and Toronto. Police allege products were also being sold internationally. 


3 Years Of Legal Marijuana in Canada: Pros, Cons & What The US Can Learn

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Canada legalized cannabis in Oct. 2018 to make money, improve public health, and help people harmed by the war on drugs. Is two out of three good enough?

So much has happened in the three years and a month since Oct. 17, 2018 that you could be forgiven for forgetting the biggest news of that day: the first day of marijuana legalization in Canada.

America’s slightly more affable and polite neighbor to the north was the second country in the world after Uruguay to allow adults to possess, use, grow, and purchase cannabis — but the first to encourage what could be called “an industry,” welcoming international investors onto to Canadian Stock Exchange, and allowing the construction of titanic greenhouses big enough to get everybody on the continent buzzed.


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