Better Hemp Company taps into international opportunities


Opportunities continue to crop up for a Manitoba-based hemp company that tapped into an innovative program to bolster its international reach.  

Better Hemp Company has grown a solid reputation by selling foods made from homegrown hemp seeds.

The bustling business made its first sales to South Korean companies in 2017. After that, the customer base grew to include Canada, the United States and New Zealand.

"Hemp seeds are a nutritious and versatile food that are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats and numerous vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium to name a few," explains CEO Dan Kreklewich.


Manitoba MĂ©tis Federation signs on for cannabis research project

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A newly signed agreement will allow the Manitoba MĂ©tis Federation (MMF) to take a hard look at the benefits that medical marijuana could have in treating the illnesses and ailments that many MĂ©tis people currently live with, and suffer with.

“This is important, because we know that cannabis has medicinal uses and can be powerful in helping people,” MMF President David Chartrand said.

“And we know that so many of our people are suffering, and looking for ways to stop their pain and suffering.


City should consider limits on retail cannabis locations after number of Winnipeg stores spikes: report

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Number of stores more than quintupled, from 14 in October 2020 to 73 in October 2021

After a dramatic increase in the number of cannabis stores in Winnipeg over the last year, a new report asks city councillors to consider limiting where new ones can open.

Between October 2020 and Oct. 29, 2021, the number of cannabis stores in the city more than quintupled, going from around 14 to 73, according to a new report prepared for the City of Winnipeg's property and development committee.

"That's a significant jump for a city of Winnipeg's size, obviously, especially over the course of a year," Jaclynn Pehota, the executive director of the British Columbia-based Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers, said in an interview with CBC News.


City council set to tackle problem cannabis grow-ops in Winnipeg

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Cannabis advocate Steven Stairs suggested that added regulation could hurt sick Canadians who have a doctor’s note to grow personal cannabis.

City council has voted to take steps to regulate problem cannabis grow-ops in Winnipeg neighbourhoods.

The issue is complex, as cannabis cultivation, for medical use or commerce, is regulated by the federal government. Cannabis became legal across Canada for people over 18 or 19, depending on the province or territory, in 2018.


Hemp production facility at former eastern Manitoba tree nursery goes bust

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Manitoba government says it's owed $500K from company that struggled after supply glut.

A startup company's plan to turn a tree nursery into a commercial hemp operation has gone bust.

The Manitoba government terminated its land lease last month with Botanist Organic Growers Corporation, the province confirmed on Thursday.

The company, which made no progress toward production of hemp cannabidiol, or CBD, now owes the province $500,000.

Botanist Organic Growers bought the sprawling greenhouse facility near Hadashville, Man., about 90 kilometres east of Winnipeg, from the province in 2019 for $1.43 million. The province had shut down operations at the provincially run tree nursery in 2018, saying it was losing money.


Manitoba proposes new licence for liquor, cannabis deliveries

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Justice Minister Cameron Friesen said this new licence would shift liability from the restaurants to third-party delivery companies.

Manitoba is set to begin consultations for licensing third-party delivery services for alcohol and cannabis orders from restaurants.

The consultations would potentially lead to an amendment to the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act and run for 45 days. This would further alter the act, which last June permitted restaurants to sell alcohol through these delivery services.

Delivery drivers had to have proper safe and serving certification and confirm identification upon delivery, but the sole licensing remained with restaurants, leaving them ultimately responsible.


Hemp development hits stride as new markets open up

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Canada has taken on a leading role in industrial hemp production since the crop was legalized in 1998.

Initially it was grain production that took off, with food products like hemp hearts.

Other possible uses include fibre production — particularly for novel products that don’t require highly refined fibres — and nutraceuticals like cannabidiol, which became a possibility following cannabis legalization in 2018.

But now Canada is staking out a new leadership area in the hemp sector: genetics.

Why it matters: As new uses emerge for the crop, so does the need for new varieties that meet these needs, providing a new opportunity for hemp market diversification.


City of Winnipeg moves toward new rules on medical cannabis grow operations

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Residents fed up with marijuana grow operations in their neighbourhoods see a victory in a City of Winnipeg plan to limit where those operations are allowed.

A number of changes to create a new medical cannabis licensing regime are proposed in a report presented to the city's property, planning and development committee on Wednesday, following pressure by numerous residents.

Under the changes, cannabis cultivation facilities would only be permitted in manufacturing zones and would require air filtration/exhaust systems.

The changes would also require minimum setbacks between buildings where marijuana is cultivated and/or stored that are near residential properties, schools, public parks or playgrounds.


Speeding vehicle leads to traffic stop and seizure of nearly 200-kilograms of weed

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A routine traffic stop near Wahoo, Nebraska, turned into a record-setting cannabis bust for the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week.

A deputy stopped a speeding vehicle on Nebraska Highway 92 with two occupants inside on Tuesday night, reports the Fremont Tribune. A K-9 unit was deployed and caught a whiff of something inside the U-Haul trailer that was being towed by the vehicle.


City to vote on recommendations to curb some medical cannabis growth in homes

A Winnipeg city committee is set to vote on plans to crack down on homegrown, designated medical cannabis growers.

In March, city hall received a report that looked into medical cannabis production in residential areas, which found the city could set limits on at-home marijuana growth through changes to zoning and neighbourhood livability bylaws.

City councillors then put forward a motion to have the public service get more information on the changes required to amend these bylaws.


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